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Draped American Flag Cornhole Board Decal

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Our Quality Guarantee

  • At Rocket Cornhole Bags we take great pride in making a quality product. Each bag is handmade and we have a rigorous quality control process.

    In the event a there is a bag failure we will guarantee and replace any bags that may have issues. If you experience any issues with your bags within 60 days of purchase contact us along with a photo of your bag and your order receipt or order number.

    We do like to take the bags back so we can evaluate any failure. This helps us improve our product.

    We build these bags with durability in mind. We warranty the bags for defects but not damage due to play.

    Things that will void the Guarantee

    There are some things you should not do to these bags. They are as follows:
  • Boiling the bags - This will damage the bags and reduce longevity of the bags. Please see our break in page for proper break in. We can tell if a bag has been boiled.
  • Toasting your bags in the clothes dryer or oven - As part of our break in process we do recommend air drying or placing them in your dryer on low heat - cool down mode only. The high heat in the dryer can distort some fabrics. We can tell if a bag has been toasted.


    Some fabrics we use can pull if you are not using good smooth boards. Fabric pulls will not affect the play of the bag and are not covered. However if you have one and it is real ugly feel free to reach out.


    Occasionally the some fibers may get stuck on the bag surface during sublimation and come loose after play. Although rare most are very fine. If you have a large spot please contact us along with a pic and we will make it right.


    We will accept returns up to 30 days after purchase. However is the bags have been used or broken in they will not be accepted. Shipping fees are non refundable. We can also offer you a store credit if you like.
Draped American Flag Cornhole Board Decal Rocket Cornhole Bags

This draped American flag cornhole board decal set is ideal for this summers season of sun, fun and yard games. Perfect for an outdoors patriotic BBQ!